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Thank a Farmer!

"The major reason for last year’s in emissions wasn’t cap-and-trade, or any other state action."

Dec 11, 2017

Dan Walters writes in his latest column (The ironic cause of our greenhouse gas decline) that "as Brown was crusading in Europe, his Air Resources Board issued a report hailing California’s nearly 5 percent reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases in 2016 by companies governed by the state’s “cap-and-trade” system." 
But as environmental writer Julie Cart looked closer at the data she discovered that "the major reason for last year’s in emissions wasn’t cap-and-trade, or any other state action.  Rather, it occurred because unusually heavy winter rain and snow storms allowed utilities to depend less on generating electricity by burning fossil fuels and more on hydroelectric power from dams in California and other states."
Simply put, the reason there was a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions was the existence of dams.  However, "the state’s definition of renewable sources specifically excludes the hydroelectric power from major dams such as Shasta, Oroville and Folsom that was the major reason greenhouse gas emissions ped so dramatically."
Why don't they consider dams and hydroelectric power 'renewable' energy when it's the main reason for carbon dioxide reductions?  As Dan Walter says, "Simply put, environmental activists just don’t like big dams for reasons that have nothing to do with climate change." 
So if the decline in greenhouse gas in California wasn't because of cap-and-trade, bike paths, solar or wind energy, high-speed-rail, or any other state action, who do we thank?

People should THANK FARMERS AND VALKEY LANDOWNERS for reducing Green House Gases LAST YEAR...Some will ask why?

Because our Valley landowners put millions of acres of land up as collateral to fund construction of Dams that stored water to generate electricity and at the same time of peak summer energy demand provide water for people, fish and Farms.

The Dams Hydroelectric generating Turbines provide clean non polluting energy that reduces the need to generate energy with Coal, gas and or Nuclear.

Yes Sir, thank a Farmer while you eat and breathe cleaner air!!

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