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Different Views

The country has spoken louder than Mr. Cunha and Western Growers, and neither speak for me.

Mar 01, 2018

People in agriculture have different views.  This from Wayne Western Jr:

Here is an example of why Agriculture absolutely struggles to gain support from the public.  Like any industry, players inside have agendas that prioritize issues to benefit individual needs instead of the industry itself, or even the country.  Mr. Cunha as well as Western Growers oppose HR4760.  If DACA is a concern to Mr. Cunha and Western Growers, they then should, by all means, use their resources to defend DACA, and end their involvement with Agriculture.  Neither represent all of Agriculture in the issue just as neither were called upon for this bills input, for what are now obvious reasons.  Farm worker programs and overall immigration should be separated as far as agriculture is concerned.  President Trump gained 63 million votes while campaigning to secure the border and control illegal immigration.  The country has spoken louder than Mr. Cunha and Western Growers, and neither speak for me.  Certain groups are now showing  a pattern of appearing on behalf of the industry that is very harmful to the individuals that make up the industry itself. 

After public blaming of farmers for nitrates in groundwater by Western Growers, they now find themselves in lockstep with Mr. Cunha, who is fighting a solid bill to get immigration right.  The Farm Bureau is in favor of HR4760 as am I.  Just because Mr. Cunha and Western Growers were not included in discussions does not mean HR4760 is a bad bill although this is exactly what they would have the public believe.  HR4760 is the right thing to do and should be passed.  And Mr. Cunha and Western Growers should remember who they truly represent.  If neither of their groups can remember who they truly represent, they should immediately replace their misrepresentation of the family farmer with illegal immigration and corporate agriculture operated by non-agriculture investors, respectively.  You can not speak for agriculture when you truly do not represent agriculture.  Just stop. 

Nisei Farmers League Opposes Congressman Goodlatte's Bill H.R. 4760

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