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Modesto v. Fresno

In Modesto they're fighting back, and the Modesto Bee is a big part of the fight.

Mar 15, 2018

When the State Water Resources Control Board comes for your water, you need to fight back or you're going to lose it.  Probably going to lose it anyway.  In Modesto they're fighting back, and the Modesto Bee is a big part of the fight.  The Fresno Bee not only threw in the towel, but jumped on the bandwagon to throw more water at the solution.

Modesto Bee columnist Mike Dunbar writes, "In three, maybe six weeks the water board will issue its demand that 40 to 50 percent of the water flowing down the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers be allowed to flow past our farms and cities and into the Delta – where much of it will be siphoned south."  

What does he think of their plan?  "The board will use any number of rationales, all of them bunk."  Dunbar quotes a number of Delta experts to prove his point including Delta Watermaster Michael George who says, "Frankly, I think we have to get away from this notion of trying to do the math based on this much water for this many fish. That just doesn’t work."  Bravo!  Think that's what we've been saying for years.  The more water we throw at the fish, the worse it gets and there's no accountability.  But, that doesn't stop the water board.

George goes on to say, "I have authority in the Delta. … I know that if you deliver fish and water at that point, you’re introducing them to the killing fields..."  He's referring to sending fish to the Striped Bass tailgate party, where they feast on smelt and salmon.  But no one does anything about the bass.  If they really cared about the endangered fish, they'd do something about the non-endangered fish.  But, they don't.

Here's a good question:  “Is the goal more water, or is the goal more fish?”  Doug Demko, president of FishBio, says "If it’s about fish, there are better solutions."

There's more if you want to read the entire article below.  And we hope the writers at the Fresno Bee will take a look also, if there are any left.  

Scientists know state’s plan is a lie, but water board doesn’t care


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