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Elizabeth Heng

Another race that's getting very little media coverage has Elizabeth Heng taking on long time legislator Jim Costa.

Jul 30, 2018

The Fresno area media all seem to be focused on the race for Congress between Devin Nunes and Andrew Janz.  Nunes thumped Janz in the June primary 58%-32%.  Another race that's getting very little media coverage has Elizabeth Heng taking on long time legislator Jim Costa.  She got 47% in the primary, quite a bit better than Janz, and we asked her to tell us a little bit about herself.

Dear Families Protecting the Valley,

My name is Elizabeth Heng and I am running for Congress in Congressional District 16.  I am tired of the useless chatter happening in Washington, D.C. while our Valley struggles with consequences of a failing water infrastructure, ineffective immigration policies, and limited opportunities for education and schooling. It’s time to stop talking about these issues and elect someone who has the energy and fight to bring action and change.

My parents are first generation immigrants who earned American citizenship and settled in Fresno to build a life and a small business—an Asian grocery store where I worked growing up. I know firsthand the struggle of immigration to the US.  I earned many opportunities including attending college where I became president of the student body at Stanford before coming back to Fresno to help my brothers open cellular stores up and down Highway 99.  I saw firsthand how government regulations hinder job creation, and I am not the kind of person to wait for someone else to come along and fix the problem.

I packed my bags, bought a plane ticket to Washington, D.C., and started knocking on doors on Capitol Hill where a Member of Congress took a chance on me.

I eventually became a senior staffer, I worked alongside world leaders and oversaw diplomatic oversight missions around the globe. I was dedicated to making a difference and gained the respect of legislators on both sides of the aisle.

I returned to the Central Valley and found our community struggling with the EXACT same problems that we have been plagued with for decades.  Our elected leaders have neglected to provide necessary water infrastructure and basic water storage that this district’s agriculture demands. They have danced around the issue of immigration reform, failing to offer appropriate security measures at our borders while encouraging legal immigration. They have refused to allocate funding to invest in the future of our education system for our children. When will these issues become important enough for Washington to care?

The current congressman has had long enough. If he had a vision for our community, we would have seen it by now.

As a girl from a rough neighborhood with refugee parents, I was told I would never be able to achieve much, but I have been a fighter my whole life and I ask that you give me a chance to fight for our Valley.
Elizabeth Heng
Candidate for Congressional District 16
For more information, please visit ElizabethHeng.com or follow on social media:
Facebook: @elizabethheng
Instagram: @elizabethheng


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