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Governor Brown loves to blame climate change on our water and fire situations, like there's nothing we can do about it.

Aug 03, 2018

California Governor Brown:  "Over a decade or so, we're going to have more fire, more destructive fire, more billions that will have to be spent on it.  All that is the new normal that we will have to face."

Republican candidate for governor John Cox:  “Politicians like Mr. Brown and Mr. Newsom are distracting people.  What’s really going on here is they’re blaming this on climate change to cover up for the fact that they haven’t devoted the time and the resources and the planning to actually doing something about forestry management.”

We believe the climate is changing.  Who thinks it stays the same?  But, instead of throwing our hands in the air and complaining about it, why don't we do something about it?  Governor Brown loves to blame climate change on our water and fire situations, like there's nothing we can do about it.  Funny how he believes in all these punishing policies for people to fight climate change like getting you out of your cars or pushing you into downtown condos, but doesn't believe in managing the forests or building reservoirs.  Climate change is only useful to him to push his liberal agenda. 

In the editorial below from the Washington Examiner they say, "Western droughts and forest fires have been around a long time, and so has climate change, but the fires have gotten much worse very recently, and government mismanagement of forests is part of the reason."

Krystal Beckham, Litltle Hoover Commission:  "There are some places where there may be four times as many trees as there should be.  When you have trees that close together, they can’t get the water they need, so they are more susceptible to drought, insects, and disease. And when they start dying, they become a terrible fire threat.”  Common sense.

This overgrowth also sucks up more water than a healthy forest, meaning excess water doesn't make it to rivers and streams and eventually to reservoirs.  Not only are we letting the forests get out of control leading to catastrophic fires, but we also cheating ourselves on collecting more water. 

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article215852940.html#storylink=cp

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