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Trump's Water Tweets

What he gets right is that there is a lot wrong with the Golden State's water and fire policy.

Aug 09, 2018

Wall St. Journal:  " As usual when Mr. Trump fires his scattergun, he hits deserving and undeserving targets."

This Wall St. Journal editorial (Fire and Water in California) points out that the President doesn't have it exactly right when he talks water and fire in California, but people in the water business can spend a lifetime trying to understand it.  What he gets right is that there is a lot wrong with the Golden State's water and fire policy.  Here are a few things the editorial points out:

1.  Pumping restrictions at the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta...had resulted in 151,000 acre-feet of water—enough to sustain nearly a half million households annually—lost to the Pacific Ocean in June.

2.  Governor Jerry Brown keeps lecturing Californians that they need to adapt to a new “climate normal,” yet the state government has done little to prepare for warmer and drier times if that is the future.

3.  The Little Hoover Commission, an independent state oversight agency, explained in a February report that “a century of fire suppression remains firmly entrenched within federal and state firefighting agencies and has left forest floors deep in flammable groundcover.”

4.  Plans for prescribed burning to rid the forests of dense groundcover often clash with regional air quality regulations.

5.  The Democratic legislature appropriated a mere $30 million of cap-and-trade revenues for fuel reductions on 60,000 acres of forest land. They allocated $335 million for electric vehicle subsidies.

The editorial concludes:  "But instead of examining their own priorities, the state’s politicians will blame the damaging fires on climate change and Donald Trump."

One more thing, the L.A. Times George Selton writes today in his column 'California's New Normal for Wildfires is Unacceptable', that "in the thick of firestorms, Government's first duty is to provide public safety.  There should be no higher priority for Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature than combating wildfires - not homelessness, not healthcare, not water tunnels, not a bullet train."

Fire and Water in California

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