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Hating Fish

We don't hate fish. Trump doesn't hate fish. What we don't like is California water policy makers who make decisions about the use of the people of California's water.

Aug 15, 2018

First of all, no one hates fish, except maybe the striped bass lurking in the Delta waiting to tailgate on the tiny Delta Smelt.  We don't hate fish.  Trump doesn't hate fish.  What we don't like is California water policy makers who make decisions about the use of the people of California's water.  One of the main bugaboos is how much water people get versus how much is made to flow through the Delta and out to sea. Another is the huge amount of untreated sewage that cities dump into the Delta.

As you can see in the flow report below over 57-million acre feet went to the ocean through August 5th while only 9&1/2-million acre feet were pumped to Central Valley farmers and the people of Southern California.  Even a couple of million more acre feet for people and farms would make a lot of difference.  But, even that small amount is too much of a compromise for the environmentalists. 

In the article below from the Washington Post the author says the smelt "has a more dangerous enemy: Trumpus presidenticus...The delta smelt must survive because it serves as the perfect symbol for why we can’t trust the Trump administration to reform the Endangered Species Act."

Whenever there's any talk of making any changes to the ESA the environmental world starts using phrases like "gutting" or "crippling" the law.  True to form this article says "the Trump administration has finally attempted to codify those intentions, announcing a proposal last month to cripple the law."   There's no penalty for being wrong in the environmental world.  If more water doesn't help the fish they are rewarded with even more water.  

And about that sewage, we care about the fish, the quality of the water the fish need to survive in and the quality of the drinking water people depend on.  The Delta water is unhealthy for fish and people to swim in and to drink.  We shouldn't have to eat things exposed to polluted sewage water being dumped into the fresh water source fish and people rely on. 

It's time to demand that cities clean up their sewage before dumping it into our rivers and the ocean. The cities are polluting the ocean, our rivers, killing fish and blaming farmers.  

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