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Environmental Schizophrenia

It's so much easier to be an environmentalist when it's someone else's water.

Nov 06, 2018

We have to admit we're getting some pleasure watching the San Francisco Board of Supervisors fight with their own water department about the State Water Resources Control Board's upcoming day-after-election-day decision to send more water down the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced Rivers and severely limit how much San Francisco receives.  

San Francisco has been no friend to Central Valley farmers when it comes to SWRCB decisions taking water from farmers, but finds themselves in the middle of this one because San Francisco and Central Valley farmers get their water from the same sources.  San Francisco gets their water from the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite delivered via pipeline right to the City.  According to the SWRCB some of that water should go to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to improve the habitat.  

So as the Board of Supervisors fights with their water department, they now find themselves at odds with Mayor London Breed who vetoed the resolution which had been passed unanimously.  “We all want the same outcome for the Bay-Delta — a healthy ecosystem that both supports fish and wildlife and provides reliable water delivery,” Breed said in a statement. But “it is deeply irresponsible for San Francisco to take a position that would jeopardize our water supply.”  

According to the San Francisco Chronicle "several supervisors said Friday that they were reconsidering their position on this week’s resolution after hearing from the Public Utilities Commission."

It's so much easier to be an environmentalist when it's someone else's water. 
 The SWRCB makes their decision Wednesday.

SF Mayor Breed vetoes supervisors’ resolution that supported state river plan

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