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Brown to the Rescue!

Why would Governor Jerry Brown and our next Governor Gavin Newsom jump into the fight and ask the water board to delay the vote?

Nov 12, 2018

Why would the San Francisco Board of Supervisors vote unanimously to support a state water plan that would deny them water when they really need it?  Why would the Mayor of San Francisco veto their vote?  Why would Governor Jerry Brown and our next Governor Gavin Newsom jump into the fight and ask the water board to delay the vote?  After all the water plan is one that the State Water Resources Control Board supports to bring back a healthy ecosystem to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The water board members are all appointed by Brown and we would think their policy is supported by Brown and no reason to think it would change with Newsom.  So what's going on?

Perhaps Brown and Newsom can see what the Board of Supervisors cannot see; perhaps they see the political firestorm that lurks over the horizon, not today or tomorrow, but down the road when the next drought hits which will  no doubt be in Newsom's term an governor.   

The people of San Francisco have never given a thought about water being taken from farmers so that more can be sent through the Delta and out to the ocean.  After all, they're environmentalists and what's more important than the health of an ecosystem?  But, how environmental will those citizens be when it's their water flowing to the sea while their water bills are rising?  Brown and Newsom can see this coming.  They won't be dealing with farmers from the Central Valley.  They will be dealing with an entire city of angry voters who might start asking questions about the wisdom of the policy and discover the flaws.  They might wake up a sleeping giant.  

We will be happy to point out to the citizens of San Francisco if all this comes to be why this policy is misguided, why the Delta is in trouble and why they shouldn't have to sacrifice their water any more than Central Valley farmers should have to fallow land.  The problem with the Delta's ecosystem isn't the lack of water.  Well over 80% of the water that goes to the Delta goes through the Delta and out to sea now.  The problem is wastewater from sewage plants that fouls the water.  The problem with the salmon population is that they are being eaten by striped bass.  The water board's misguided plan is the problem and will make people and farmers suffer without solving the problem.  

Brown and Newsom can see the political future, they can see the revolt coming from an entire city.  It's not just the farmers any more.  Will they find a way to spare San Francisco the pain that's been inflicted on farmers and still be able to stick it to the farmers?  That's what this is all about.

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