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Rearranging Deck Chairs

We don't have a problem with fast trains. We have a problem with flawed plans.

Jan 07, 2019

If someone gave you a 2x4 and a hammer and told you to build a house, and you couldn't do it, you wouldn't call for new leadership.  You'd call for more resources.  Pretending new leadership will solve any problems with California's high-speed rail is like rearranging deck chairs on a sinking Titanic.  The editorial below from the San Diego -Tribune makes this argument very well.  

The primary problem with high-speed rail is money.  This is something we've been saying practically since day one.  We don't have a problem with fast trains.  We have a problem with flawed plans.  What is the flaw in the plan?  Proponents have promised us that private investors would be coming forth with the investment needed.  As the editorial states, "it's now been 122 months since Proposition 1A passed without a single serious report of private investor interest."  Not going to happen.  Why?  If the train doesn't make money, neither do investors.  They are not going to invest unless the state can guarantee a profit, which of course would be a daydream.

Soon the $3.5-billion from the Obama Administration will be gone.  There's not nearly enough money from California's cap-and-trade auctions to come close to making up the difference.  The editorial concludes that "it’s time for a new era of candor and honesty about the Grand Canyon-sized hole in the bullet-train’s business plan."  That's the kind of leadership we'd like to see.

New leaders won't make bullet train's $50 billion shortfall go away ...

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