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the BiOps!

They have been used to take water from farms and people for the benefit of fish.

Mar 11, 2019

The Biological Opinions, or BiOps, are the rules intended to protect the salmon and smelt in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The rules have been in place for the past ten years and it's no secret they haven't had the desired results.  The Delta is no better because of them.  They have been used to take water from farms and people for the benefit of fish.  But the fish and not benefited and the farmers and people have been harmed.  

As the article below points out, "For decades, the approach has been to focus on one issue at a time, one species at a time. That’s like expecting a car to run once the flat tire is fixed even though the vehicle has no gas and no starter. It simply doesn’t work; a car, and an ecosystem, must function as a whole."  Exactly right.  

Definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The rules have been under review for the past couple of years and are close to being finalized so they can be implemented later this year.  

We remind you of Federal Judge Oliver Wanger's ruling about the BiOps in 2009 where in a 255-page decision he concluded: "The public cannot afford sloppy science and uni-directional preions that ignore California's water needs."  But we've been operating with the 'sloppy science' for the last nine years.

And there's this from the Delta Independent Science Board in 2011:  "There are more than 40 potential causes for the Delta's decline, scientists said Friday, but ranking them in order is just too difficult."  They finish by saying,  "Ultimately, the scientists said they could not conclude that any one factor, or any small combination of the 40-plus factors, is the root of the Delta's problems."  

Nevertheless no other solution has been on the table except taking water from farmers and people.  Maybe there is some hope that will change later this year.

California water: The only real mistake is forgetting the past

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