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Newsom's Plan

The obvious solutions are Temperance Flat, Sites Reservoir and raising Shasta Dam.

May 03, 2019

We can't tell you what Governor Gavin Newsom's Drought Climate Plan will do, but we can guess what it won't do:  build new dams or reservoirs, or raise old dams.  

As the L.A. Times reports, "The latest models suggest precipitation in Northern California — the source of most of the state’s supplies — will increase. But rising temperatures mean more precipitation will fall as rain rather than snow, reducing the natural reservoir of mountain snow that the state relies on."  Yes, the mountain snow is California's refrigerator.  Without it we need more space to keep the water.  

We're releasing water right now for flood control, knowing snowmelt will fill our reservoirs later, but if all we had now was the rainfall instead of snow it would all be gone.  The obvious solutions are Temperance Flat, Sites Reservoir and raising Shasta Dam.  

Instead, the governor's plans calls for bureaucrats to "assess water demands and the impacts of climate change on California’s far-flung water system"...and it should "include innovation and new technologies, use “natural infrastructure” such as flood plains...and talks a big game like "How do we think about water reuse, water capture, water recycling in a way that we can set long-term, bold targets that bridge the gap between what we know is an uncertain water future with climate change and a growing population in the state?"

It's all talk and no dams, as usual.

Gov. Newsom issues executive order demanding drought-climate plan

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