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Clean Dams!

Dams create hyower which is carbon-free energy, which if good...right? Not in California.

May 06, 2019

Dams create hyower which is carbon-free energy, which if good...right?  Not in California.  Hyower in California doesn't count toward our 100% clean energy goal by 2045.  Why?  Environmental groups "say it would undermine the state’s landmark clean energy law by limiting the need to build solar farms and wind turbines."  Say what?  Apparently counting clean energy as clean energy means we don't need as many solar farms and wind turbines, so if we don't count them it will force the state to create more wind and solar forcing "utilities to buy additional solar and wind energy, raising energy costs for ratepayers in one of the poorest parts of the state."

Hydro projects traditionally produce 5-15% of the state's electricity, but "allowing utilities to include that electricity in their renewable energy tallies, climate advocates say, would reduce the need to build new solar and wind farms between now and 2030."


Josh Weimer, government affairs manager for the Turlock Irrigation District, summed it up this way, “We simply want to count the existing carbon-free resources that our customers have paid for."

In the end clean energy created by dams won't be declared clean until environmental groups say so. 

Hyower bill would sabotage California’s clean energy mandate, critics say

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