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Leaders With Vision

The choice is simple we either start electing leaders who are bold enough...

Jun 10, 2019

California lawmakers must stop buckling to the demands of the environmental left and start attending to the needs of the people of the state when it comes to water policy.  The article below by representatives of water districts and associations explain how to begin the conversation.  They describe the benefits of expanding our inadequate storage capacity and how it would help deal with extreme precipitation like we had this year and the flooding that ensues.  Here are some of the benefits they outline:

1.  More reliable drinking and irrigation supplies.

2.  Improved flood protection.

3.  Carbon-free hyower generation.

4.  Timelier, colder water flows for fish, especially endangered fish.

5.  Recreational opportunities that boost local economies.

They also remind us of the need to thin the forests which doesn't only reduce the fire risk, but fewer trees also don't soak up so much water leaving more to percolate into the underground and run off into rivers and streams and eventually into reservoirs.

As they say, providing a reliable water supply "requires leaders who are bold enough to overcome petty politics and adversity, without sacrificing one region’s interest for another."  The choice is simple.  We either start electing leaders who are bold enough, and will make these benefits to the people of California a reality, or things will get progressively worse.

Missed opportunities to capture and boost California’s water supply

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