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The Water Portfolio

"...reduce demand for water in both the agricultural and urban sectors."

Jul 05, 2019

Governor Newsom's Water Portfolio is being praised by a coalition of 55 public health and environmental justice groups from throughout California.  There are no farm organizations mentioned, and there is practically no mention of farming at all.  The letter points out "conditions have declined to unacceptable levels and continue to deteriorate. Contaminated drinking water wells, endangered fish species, collapsing fisheries, toxic algae blooms, and land subsidence all evidence the unsustainability of California’s water systems."

The groups "recommend that the Water Portfolio support two pillars of sustainability: 

1) Guaranteeing safe and affordable clean drinking water for all Californians; and 

2) Protecting and restoring healthy rivers and the Bay-Delta estuary, and the public benefits that they provide. 

The only mention of farming in the letter  asks to "reduce reliance on water from the Bay-Delta, and that improve water use efficiency and reduce demand for water in both the agricultural and urban sectors."

Meanwhile the cities of Lodi, Stockton and  Sacramento discharge Hundreds of millions of gallons of partially treated Sewage water that still contain toxic materials that put fish & People at RISK, and consider these cities are polluting the Bay-Delta Water that fish try to survive in and the drinking water source for 25 million people downstream.

According to Kate Poole, Senior Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):  “The state of California lacked a sensible water strategy for too long. The Newsom Administration’s water portfolio approach can show the world how fishable, swimmable, drinkable waters are the foundation of a sustainable water future.”

Some headlines reflect Human waste ammonia likely cause of California fish killshow swimmable and drinkable the delta water can be:

Human waste ammonia likely cause of California fish kills

Ammonia from Sacramento waste could hurt Delta ecosystem

We were thinking about swimmable, drinkable waters when we saw the sign in the delta:

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