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Why Should Trump Help?

John Harris, Chairman of Harris Farms, just hosted a fundraiser for Governor Newsom.

Jul 28, 2019

Sacramento Bee/April 22, 2019 - "Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration is taking unprecedented steps to combat President Donald Trump’s efforts to ship more water to his agricultural allies in the San Joaquin Valley."

When Donald Trump came to the Valley while he was running for President he promised to get more water for farmers.  His administration is doing its best to the biological opinions that govern the delta pumps so they can deliver on that promise.  He's doing his best to keep his promises.  

But on the Valley's west side where farm water allocations are the lowest in the entire state some farmers still don't get it.  John Harris, Chairman of Harris Farms, just hosted a fundraiser for Governor Newsom.  Maybe he and the other Ag donators didn't see the article referenced above or all the articles about SB1 which will negate all the progress the Trump administration is making.  Maybe he's trying to get the governor to change his mind. 

According to Harris they talked about funding Temperance Flat.  "Newsom said he supports the idea of above-ground water storage."  That's not the same as supporting Temp Flat.  To build Temperance Flat the governor would have to go to war with the State Water Resources Control Board which has already denied Temp Flat, would have to fight the entire state legislature which is in the process of passing the above-mentioned SB1, and would have to fight the entire water bureaucracy of the state and the environmental organizations that control them like the NRDC and the EDF.  

What do you think President Trump thinks of all this?  Here he is fighting on behalf of John Harris, fighting against Governor Newsom, fighting to bring more water to the west side, and Farmers who are supporting Newsom are holding a fundraiser for the guy he's fighting.  

Newsom's Dept. of Water Resources says "Trump’s water plans are scientifically indefensible and would violate the state’s Endangered Species Act" and began drawing up new regulations to fight him.  "Already, the state has sued the Trump administration more than 45 times."

The article goes on to say "The state traditionally defers to the federal government on environmental rules in the Delta. For the first time, with its announcement Friday, the state is drawing up its own rules — throwing down a legal gauntlet that could force the federal government to comply with state laws."

It has to be confusing for people in California who see farmers fighting with the California water bureaucracy, then donating to the very people they say they're fighting.  

So we ask again:  Why should Trump help?

What Did John Harris and Newsom Talk About? Water, of Course.

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