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Gutting the BLM?

Living in the bubble of Washington D.C. isn't necessarily the best way to see how the rest of the country (fly-over country) lives.

Aug 20, 2019

People in Washington D.C. do not like change, especially change coming from Republicans, conservatives or Donald Trump.  If there are what many consider common sense revisions to the Endangered Species Act they say it's being gutted.  Guess they must think the law was written perfectly in the 70's and can't ever be changed.  Is it possible there are changes that make sense?  We think so and wrote about it in out last newsletter (Endangered Sanity).  

The same is true of the Trump Administration's plan to move the Bureau of Land Management out of Washington D.C.  The largest player in the management of federal lands is the BLM.  It oversees 248 million acres, much of which is in the West.  What's the problem with moving the Bureau where the land is?  The L.A. Times even admits in their editorial opposing the move that "on the surface, those seem like reasonable arguments."  But, of course because it's Trump you have to dig way below the surface to look for sinister reasons.  

The Times says, "scattering those jobs around the country will in all likelihood result in massive turnover among senior officials unwilling to upend their lives and careers in Washington."  This may be true, but let's look at it this way:  there are 1.8-million federal workers.  For the most part we don't even know how well they do their jobs.  If we find out they don't do their jobs well, we also find that they can't be fired.  So if they really want the job all they have to do is move.  That's reality for a lot of us.  If they don't want to move, then we have some turnover.  Maybe that's not so bad.

Another thing:  living in the bubble of Washington D.C. isn't necessarily the best way to see how the rest of the country (fly-over country) lives.  It might be a good idea to get a lot of agencies out of Washington D.C.  

Editorial: Trump’s plan to move BLM jobs west is a shallow pretext to gut the agency’s mission

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