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What About People?

Maybe it will wake up the people of California to see they have a right to have their electricity delivered reliably and regularly.

Oct 29, 2019

California must be about the only state or country in the world that can't deliver electricty to its citizens when the winds blow above 30mph.  Pretty amazing for a state that prides itself on being the gold standard for progressive ideas.  Maybe it's time to rethink progressive ideas.

Decades ago elite environmentalists believed it was best to leave the forests alone, to let them grow 'naturally' without the hand of mankind.  But we didn't even allow nature to take its course because we believed 'only you can prevent forest fires' and didn't let natural fires thin the forests, so nothing thinned the forests.  And while we were at it we chased logging out of the state as well.  Now they are tinder boxes ready to blow at any moment with just a spark, a hot wire or a discarded cigarette...and because of that PG&E is turning off the power to millions of Californians so their transmission lines don't spark fires.  This can go on for days.

Environmentalists also are driving the debate on what to do with gas tax dollars.  The people of California clearly want better roads, but the legislators, many of whom believe in the radical environmental goals, deliver the taxes to a lot of things other than roads.  A lot of it goes to public transportation, like buses, trains and high-speed rail.  Some of it is used for 'road diets' where they take away car lanes and put in bike lanes, widen sidewalks or buffer zones.  Or it might just go to pet projects.

Water policy is also mostly controlled by environmentalists who want as much water as possible to flow through the delta and out to sea rather than to people of SoCal and farmers in the Central Valley.  President Trump has allowed new science to change the rules, but environmentalists have pledged to fight them in court.  

We are not enjoying the power shutoffs any more than anyone else, but maybe it will wake up the people of California to see they have a right to have their electricity, something they're paying for, delivered reliably and regularly. 

California leaders are more worried about people who come here illegally, people who are homeless, and any animal other than a human than they are about the good, hard-working people of this state who pay the bills.  What about us?

Latest PG&E news: Tuesday wind event will trigger another round of power shut-offs

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