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10% = 2%!

So when they say pumping will increase 'roughly 10 percent' we need to remember that it's 10% of 20 percent.

Nov 08, 2019

You have no doubt heard about the Biological Opinions in the news lately that will allow more water to be pumped out of the Delta to people of Southern California and farmers in our Central Valley.  According to the article below, "that plan proposes to increase water withdrawals from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by roughly 10 percent, often during critical migration periods for fish like Chinook salmon and Delta smelt."  

We remind you, in case you don't know, that over 80% of the water that flows into the Delta flows right out of the Delta and out to sea.  So when they say pumping (or as they say 'withdrawals') will increase 'roughly 10 percent' we need to remember that it's 10% of 20 percent or a real increase of 2% of total water.  (So far this year total Delta inflows are 34,500,000af, and outflows are 28,385,000 or 82.3%).

Farmers appreciate the increase even as small as it is.  Environmentalists would have you believe that it's the end of salmon, smelt and the overall health of the Delta.  All for less than 2% more water.  

Even with this slight increase in water, predictions are that over 800,000 acres of farmland will go fallow because of the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act that kicks in next year. "Preliminary estimations on the impact SGMA is gonna have on the whole Central Valley is gonna be between 800,000 and 1,000,000 acres coming out of production," says Gary Serrato. He now heads the North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.  Serrato was previously the general manager of the Fresno Irrigation District. 

With all the bad things that are happening to farmers, the Biological Opinions are a small win, but environmentalists only see it as a big loss.  As we've said before, environmentalists just don't accept any loss without a fight.

Trump Administration Plan Allows Delta Water Managers to Kill Off Winter-Run Chinook Salmon 

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