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Blatant Sellout?

We'd like to see just once the media point out the conflicts of interest these so-called environmentalists have in their decision making.

Dec 14, 2019

Environmental groups have all kinds of people throughout government agencies like the EPA, DOI, BLM, Natural Resources, Conservation, Fish&Game, DWR, and probably a lot of others we can't even remember.  People who have been in the NRDC, the Sierra Club, the Enviromental Defense Fund, Audubon Society, the Nature Conservency and others move back and forth to and from government agencies in numbers too great to calculate.  It goes without any kind of criticism from the media.  

But let a couple of people from organizations opposed by these environmental groups into a government agency and you would think it's the end of the world.  That is what's behind the article below (The cronyism and conflicts behind Trump’s attack on California) in the San Francisco Chronicle.  We'd like to see just once the media point out the conflicts of interest these so-called environmentalists have in their decision making.  

Instead, they point out that "nowhere is this blatant sellout to corporate interests more evident than the Department of the Interior’s proposal to award a permanent water supply contract to the Westlands Water District, the powerful California water agency."  If you want to know more about the Westlands deal you can read this article (Some Facts Not Reported About the Westlands Contract) by Don Wright at WaterWrights.  

But, back to the Chronicle article that says,"the proposed contract would permanently grant the water district up to 1.15 million acre-feet of water a year from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, enough to supply 2 million California families for the same amount of time."  This newspaper always backs decisions by the State Water Resources Control Board (which until recently had as Chairwoman Felicia Marcus, formerly Regional Director for the NRDC...no problem.  She also was the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Region IX in the Clinton Administration.  Before that she headed Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works). The SWRCB with her as Chairwoman sent tens of millions of acre feet of water straight through the Delta and out to sea.  No problem.  No conflict.  But give a water district 1-million acre feet and it's a 'blatant sellout' and 'ludicrous misallocation of limited water supplies.'

We would also like to point out that Westlands rarely receives all the water in their contract, often getting 10 or 20%(only three full allocations since 1993).  Last year when water was everywhere they only got 55%.  They've agreed in the current contract to cap at 75% no matter what, so the million is really 750,000 at most.  They've also taken 100,000 acres out of production and will take another 100,000 out because of this agreement.  Another 24,000 will be used for a solar farm.  And we'll wait to see what the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act does to the total acreage farmed.

We'd just like to see the same kind of scrutiny given to people like Felicia Marcus as they are giving to current Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt.  But, don't hold your breath.

The cronyism and conflicts behind Trump’s attack on California

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