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Vampire Almonds!

...because they suck water out of the ground like vampires suck blood out of their victims.

Jan 14, 2020

The article below explains how almond growers are 'struggling' to overcome their 'vampire' image problem.  We get it.  Almond farmers are likened to vampires because they suck water out of the ground like vampires suck blood out of their victims.  Remember when people liked farmers?  So do we, but there has been a concentrated effort by environmentalists to demonize farmers because of their water use.  And they've done a pretty good job of it.  Farmers haven't been used to defending themselves.  Who would have thought they'd have to?  

We suppose that those environmentalists involved in the water wars thought it was better to demonize a crop than it was to demonize farmers.  They choose their words carefully, using 'big corporate agribusiness' instead of 'farmers', and going after the evil water sucking almond rather than the more generic 'food'.  

The almond was a natural target for them as more and more farmers added more and more acres.  Many of the almonds were exported to China and other countries making it easier to demonize them as not even a necessary food for Americans.  

But, if anyone cares to think about it, they should ask themselves why so many farmers decided to plant almond trees.  When government bureaucratic policy takes more and more water from our Central Valley, and then farmers have lower and lower allocations of that water, they have to make the best economic decision they can about what it is they'll grow on the land they can farm with limited water.  If you can only farm half the land you have because of less available water, you have to grow the most economically viable crop.  That crop has been almonds.  They can't afford to grow crops that don't pay on limited land.  Why are almond prices high?  Because people want them.  If you're a farmer, you grow the food people want.  If there are too many almond acres out there, the market will adjust.

So, the policies of the water bureaucrats have forced farmers into the decisions they've had to make to survive.  Then they blame those farmers for making those decisions.  

How US almond growers are struggling to overcome ‘vampire’ image problem

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