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It's Tough Enough!!

We shouldn't have to fight our own local congressmen to get more water for our Valley. But we do.

Feb 14, 2020

It's tough enough for farms and cities in the San Joaquin Valley to fight the politicians in San Francisco, the entrenched water bureaucracy, the State Water Resources Control Board, the NRDC and the Sierra Club...but we shouldn't have to fight our own local congressmen to get more water for our Valley.  But we do.  

Apparently, local Congressmen Jim Costa and TJ Cox feel compelled to fight Donald Trump even if he's fighting to get us more water.  According to the SJVSun "t
wo Valley Congressmen cast votes Wednesday morning to approve granting House Democrats the authority to investigate and potentially nullify the Trump administration’s moves to boost water supplies to the San Joaquin Valley."

Can't these Congressmen put aside their differences with the President long enough to help him when he's helping us?  Instead they're working with former NRDC lawyer and key subcommittee chair Rep. Jared Huffman (D–San Rafael) to dig into the Trump administration’s issuance of new biological opinions governing the Central Valley Project.  Huffman was a key NRDC lawyer who sued to take Friant water from farmers.  If he's involved it's for sure not to help Valley farmers.

Guess its never a good idea for a California politician to work with this President, even if it's helping their districts.

“Godspeed with the Witch Hunt”: Costa, Cox vote to OK subpoenas to probe Valley water boost

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