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May 09, 2020

After an Obama appointed judge recently dealt environmental posers a blow when they tried to stop the federal water project from storing more water for food and people, and sending less out to sea, the state and politically connected radical environmentalists came back and tried a second time to get an injunction. The case was argued yesterday in front of the same judge who denied them once already. He decided Thursday he needed more time to digest the information before reaching this decision. The federal Central Valley Project limits pumping if a certain number of fish are killed. It's part of "incidental take". That is not happening. Newsom administration peeps and environmental groups are coming apart at the seams, and are now arguing pumping must be cut because it “could” happen. The fact that the judge won't be pressured into issuing a quick ruling, and pumping will continue until he does, is unhinging the plaintiffs.

Kristi Diener