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Raise San Luis

May 15, 2020

CALL TO ACTION!! Who wants to raise the dam at San Luis Reservoir by 10 feet and create an additional 120,000 acre-feet of water? Now's our chance to submit comments on this smart project!! You may remember on Monday when I posted about the seismic upgrades that are being done to B.F. Sisk Dam at SLR? It has been known since a massive slide in 1981 that the dam has structural and seismic deficiencies, and after studying the corrective actions for the last 13 years, the project is finally getting underway.

I read the environmental impact report on this project last year, and was surprised the proposed actions to be taken did not include a dam raise while making the upgrades. But the Trump administration has some top dogs at the Bureau of Reclamation, and they are partnering with the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority to propose doing both simultaneously.

San Luis Reservoir is a massive spot to park water, and is where pumped water that doesn't empty into the ocean is stored before being dispersed east, west, and south. The facility is shared by the federal Central Valley Project (our federal water) and the State Water Project (our state water). The increased capacity would benefit south of Delta water users, be managed by the federal government, and not subject to mismanagement by the state. (Yay!) This additional 10 feet would have been filled last year, in 2017, and every year SLR has reached its capacity.

Krisit Diener

Email comments to: carthur@usbr.gov

Send letters to: Casey Arthur, Project Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Willows Construction Office, 1140 W. Wood Street Willows, CA, 95988.

Phone comments at: 530-892-6202