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Trades & Transfers

Aug 26, 2020

Rusty Jordan: Water trades, transfers, and treaties

” …In California, the efforts to move water from the old agricultural users along the river to the cities began in the 1980s. Some argue it began with court arguments in Arizona vs California 1963. The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) comments about the quality of the IID’s water rights should be read. In what seemed unrelated in the 1980s, John Elmore sued IID for wasting water and causing the Salton Sea to raise and thus flood his land. He prevailed in a decision written by now Appellate Judge Robie in Decision 1600 at the California State Water Resources Control Board. His lawyer was David Oasis. This brought about a transfer of about 110,000 a/f to MWD for 35 years beginning around 1990. To get this water, MWD paid, and pays, for conservation measures. Even with this transfer the Salton Sea continued to rise.   … ” Read more from the Desert Review here:  Water trades, transfers, and treaties