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Aug 28, 2020

Kings County Farm Bureau: Telling the farm-to-table story

Kings County Farm Bureau is a non-profit advocacy organization formed in 1918. Its primary goal is to ensure every farmer has the right to farm and protect their heritage. Too often, agriculture is painted in a negative light when someone hears or reads a story on the industry.  As an industry, we listen to those stories and often complain to fellow agriculturalists, then move on. We see the work in progress by industry groups like the Farm Bureau and tell ourselves that it is enough. Enough to combat the negative story seen on the news or written by an activist group. Sufficient to convince an elected official that the industry is full of good people trying to do the right thing, which it is. Where we fall short is in telling our story, not letting someone tell it for us. … ”  Read more from the Hanford Sentinel here: Kings County Farm Bureau: Telling the farm-to-table story